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December 20th, 2010  

Trenton Sockers lead the Quinte Men's Indoor League after easily disposing of former league leaders Brighton, 4-1 on Dec 14 at the Lancers Dome. Sockers dominated every aspect of the match, that could easily have ended 6 or 7-1. Sockers lead the table on 21 points, having lost just once this season.   


November19th, 2010  

On September 7, 2010, Bill Coltman broke the Sockers FC scoring record, by netting 6 goals in an 11-0 defeat of 8 Wing, at Zwick's Park. Bill broke the record in only 75 minutes of play, since the match was called due to lightning. Sockers Ladies forward Vanessa Brault had tied the previous record with 5 goals earlier in the season. The prior record was set by Jenn McAuley in 2005, who got all of her goals in one half.   


November19th, 2010  

The 11-0 defeat of 8 Wing on Sept 7 by Sockers Old Boys set a new highest win record for the men's team, beating an 11-2 result in 2005. The highest win for the club is 15-0 in 2004 for Sockers Ladies. The worst defeat came in 1995, at the hands of Ohio state champions Cleveland Croatia, at the Erie PA Tournament, 12-1, with Scott Bennett getting the first goal of the game - turned out to be a big mistake.   


October 8th, 2010  

Shane "Hooper" Anderson made a triumphant return to Sockers FC in the QOB Tournament (see photo.) It was just like old times. Hooper's agent has negotiated a long term contract with Sockers Over 35 team, which includes a guaranteed, yet un-disclosed, quantity of Loyalist Brewer's Beer after every match. Hoop is so happy to be back with his old mates that he is looking forward to buying beer for the guys after each game. Seriously though, welcome back buddy.   


August 28th, 2010  

It has been an amazing season for the Sockers ladies teams. Coach Terry Boyd led his Sockers A to the all important Division 1 championship, proving Sockers to be the best ladies side in Quinte. The team also won the Division 1 annual tournament. Barb Angus guided her Locker Room Sockers to a second place finish in Division 2, as Sockers ended up tied with a number of other teams. Both Sockers teams advanced to the playoff final on August 26th at Zwick's Park. In typical cup final fashion, both matches ended up in a penalty shootout. Sockers A led 4 Seasons for the majority of the match, outplaying the opposition, only to end up with a wild finish at 2-2. In the late match, Locker Room Sockers fought a tight battle with Tall Trees, ending up 0-0. Unfortunately, Sockers had English luck, losing both matches in pk's. Nonetheless, it was a great night, and a tribute to the Sockers leadies!   


August 28th, 2010  

On August 26th, at Bain Park, Trenton City Sockers finished the season with a 2-1 win over the winless, and relegated Wahoo. The new look Sockers improves its final season record to 6 wins, 5 ties and 3 losses, representing the best finish since the 2005 second place season.   


July 20th, 2010  

On July 15th, 2010, goalkeeper Tyler Delpellero recorded his 4th shut out of the season and the team's 5th overall shutout. This was done in style as he stoned defending league champions the Fury in a Sockers 1-0 victory. Tyler made numerous saves late in the second half to record the win which was the Sockers 4th win in a row. When asked about his accomplishment, he said he "would gladly play for England anytime, even though they dress their goalie in a banana suit. I am waiting for the call from Capello anytime now, and can you get my name on the radio because I missed it last week? Tyler has been backed up this season by England 71st string keeper Jon Allery and Irish International Connor Durkin who have each featured in goal for wins for the team.   


July 20th, 2010  

On Canada Day 2010, the Team MVP from 2009 and team loudmouth Nate Jackman scored all 4 goals in a 4-1 romp over the Wahoo Soccer Club. The "QUAD" was of the highest quality, but Nate saved the best until last with a shot from over 20 yards to seal the win. The 4 goals tied the Trenton Sockers Men's Team scoring record for a single match. He is now on par with Mike Galabos, Terry Boyd, and Bill Coltman who have all scored 4 goals in one match on the men's side. It had been 10 years since anyone had accomplished it. The chatty Nate said after the match that "Finally the coach put me at forward after years of me begging and I got to make him look silly for making me play defence all these years. I may or may not show up next week. Oh and get my name on the radio will ya!!"   




April 19th, 2010  

After 6 years of travelling the country, Rudy Mouw has made a triumphant return to the club he loves so much. Like an older, low mileage car, that has been parked in your uncle's garage, at his country place, that used to be a farm, that no-one knows about, Rudy Mouw has relatively low mileage on the clock, and it shows ! Maybe a little blue smoke coming from the tail pipe. Rudy has impressed on his return to the Club, and will feature for Sockers in Division 1, and Old Boys Sockers. This is a special welcome home to Rudy, glad to have you back where you belong !   


April 19th, 2010  

The YC Blues and Sockers FC have come together to form a new over 35 team, that brings together members from YC Blues, Quinte Old Boys and Trenton Sockers FC. The clubs have well respected each other for many years, and this new team promises to challenge for the title in Division 3, as well as the Rust Remover and the Kanata Checkers Tournament. The team is named Old Boys Sockers, and kicks off on May 17 vs CFB Masters. Sockers full time players on the team are Rudy 'Kazoodi' Mouw, Dave "Jake' Gaudaur, Send'em the Bill Coltman, Mike Whitesnake, Kevin "Coon" Parr, Gregur King, Fast Eddie Petrusma, and Mike Whiteman. Club President Mike Whitehead notes " our over 35 players wanted to continue to play on a top quality side, and this merger will ensure a very good level of play, both in Div 3 and in the tournaments as well. I am really looking forward to playing with some of the best veteran players in the area, this will be a decent team."   


January 25th, 2010 

On January 22nd, Nathan Jackman was presented with the Sockers Men's Div 1 Team Most Valuable Player Award for 2009. Team mate JP Dini spoke to the team about Nate's excellent qualities as a player and a person, also noting how vocal Nate is, and that its hard to get a word in when he's around. Nathan Jackman is truly a quality player, who always gives his best for the team, and through committment and determination, has now become a team leader. This award will surely further expand his already loyal fan club, who attend most Sockers matches. Cheers to you Nate, well done !!